Other Brand Types

Arbitrary Brands

Brands That Don't Fit The Policy
An arbitrary brand is a brand with a design that does not fit the policy of the Brand Registration office.

For example: a walking "M", is an arbitrary brand. Arbitrary brands can be registered in Alberta, but this is limited to only those arbitrary brands that have been approved in Alberta in the past (both current and expired). Registration of these arbitrary brands will be limited to only those positions currently approved per animal type.

Walking "M" Brand
Walking "M" Brand

Number Brands

One or More Arabic Numerals
A number brand, consisting of one or more Arabic numerals from zero ("0") to nine ("9") inclusive, may be applied by a registered brand owner, as long as the number is applied on the same side as the owner’s registered brand. The number brand must be placed on the shoulder or hip, never on the rib. The number brand must not be placed in the same location as the registered brand. So, if the registered brand is on the shoulder, the number brand goes on the hip.

A number brand can provide the following benefits:

  • To determine the age of the livestock
  • For herd record purposes
  • To identify different owners of livestock in a feedlot.

Honorary Brands

Promote a Person or Companies
An honorary brand is a character or combination of characters allotted to a person or company to promote the livestock industry but not to denote ownership of livestock. Any brand design can be registered as an honorary brand.

Information on brand history can be obtained from:

Alberta Government – Provincial Archives
8555 Roper Road
Edmonton, AB T6E 5W1

Website: www.provincialarchives.alberta.ca

Stockmen’s Memorial Foundation
101 RancheHouse Rd
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 2K8

Website: www.stockmen.ca