Transfer a Brand

Transfer Fee

To transfer a brand that you own, you must complete the required form(s) and mail them with a transfer fee of $52.50 (GST included) to the Brand Registrar.

Selling your Brand

If you are interested in selling your brand, please contact the Brand Registrar to have your brand listed on the Brands for Sale by Owner list.

Once you have sold your brand, you are required to transfer your brand to the purchaser. Fill out the Transfer of Brand by Owner Form and mail the original and transfer payment fee to the Brand Registrar.

Transfer your Brand upon death

  • You can complete a Designation of Beneficiary of Brand Form to nominate one or more beneficiaries of your brand.
  • The brand can be transferred by the Personal Representative of the Estate of the deceased brand owner by completing and forwarding the Information Form for Transfer of Brand on Death of Brand Owner Form.

All the information and instructions are located on the transfer forms. Upon receipt of the form and the transfer fee the brand will be transferred to the beneficiary.

Surrendering your Brand

You as a brand owner, or your personal representative after your death can surrender your brand back to LIS by completing the Surrender of Brand Form. There is no fee to surrender a brand.

When a brand is surrendered, the owner(s) give up their rights to the brand and the registration of the brand is cancelled. Once a brand is cancelled, then it is available to be registered by another person.

If a brand is owned by more than one person, all the owners of the brand must agree to surrender the brand. If only one or some of the owners wish to give up their rights to the brand, then they must transfer the brand to the remaining owner(s).

Note: All transfer forms are subject to the approval of the Brand Registrar.

All of the forms are located in the Brand Forms page.