Branding Errors

7 Over K branded on a Cow

Although branding errors do occur from time to time, Livestock Identification Services must treat these errors seriously (per the Brand Act, Section 16(1)).

When a branding error occurs, LIS must be notified immediately. A Declaration of a Branding Error form will be provided by a LIS Livestock Inspector, which will be completed and forwarded to Head Office.

Please note: it is up to the discretion of the LIS Area or District Supervisor as to whether or not they wish to brand inspect the livestock incorrectly branded.

In addition, if the brand incorrectly applied is owned by an Alberta brand owner, then we will require a written release from the Alberta brand owner(s) stating they have no interest in the livestock.

If the preceding procedure is not followed, an Inspector may hold the livestock or proceeds of sale of the livestock when the livestock are presented for sale. In addition, an Inspector may refuse to issue a horse permit or livestock transportation permit if proper clearances are not obtained.