Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is represented by Alberta's livestock associations to give equal voice to each sector of the cattle industry and to the horse industry.

The operations of LIS are overseen by a Board of Directors consisting of nine directors, one Director being appointed by each of the eight Member organizations and the Chair elected annually by the Board of Directors. The Alberta government is represented on the Board by a non-voting member appointed by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development. The Directors are elected for a 2-year term and can serve on the Board for a maximum of 6 years.  

The current LIS Board of Directors are:

Name Affiliation
Chris Israelson
No Affiliation
Didsbury, Alberta
Ken Perlich
Vice Chair
Alberta Auction Markets Association
Lethbridge, Alberta
Regan Curry
Alberta Grazing and Leaseholders Association
Finnegan, Alberta
Craig Lehr
Alberta Beef Producers
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Bob deBoer
Alberta Cattle Feeders Association
Monarch, Alberta
George L'Heureux
Feeder Associations of Alberta
Brendyn Elliot
Western Stock Growers' Association
Innisfail, Alberta
David Saretsky
Alberta Livestock Dealers & Order Buyers Association
Lacombe, Alberta
Michelle Follensbee
Alberta Ministry of Agriculture & Irrigation
Edmonton, Alberta