Brand Policy

Heating up Branding Irons

Brand Definition

A brand is a character or combination of characters that is used to denote ownership of livestock or a livestock security interest in livestock bearing the brand. Brands are applied on cattle or horses by a hot iron brand or a freeze brand.

An honorary brand is a character or combination of characters used to promote the livestock industry or to recognize outstanding service to the livestock industry. Honorary brands can only be applied on cattle or horses with the prior written approval of Livestock Identification Services Ltd.

Brands are registered with LIS

Your brand must be registered with Livestock Identification Services Ltd. before you are legally allowed to brand your livestock in Alberta. When a Brand Application is approved a Brand Certificate is issued, which proves that you are the registered owner of the brand. You do not have the right to use the brand until your application has been approved and you have been issued a Brand Certificate by the Brand Registrar.

Registration restrictions are in place to ensure brands conform to established protocols and to ensure potential conflicts in similar brands is minimized among neighbouring producers.

Livestock in Alberta does not have to be branded. Choosing not to brand them is accepting the risk that goes with having unbranded livestock. However, if an unregistered brand is used, this is breaking the law.

Registered Brands may be used in one of six positions on the animal:

Cattle: Shoulder, Rib or Hip (Left or Right side)
Horse: Jaw, Shoulder or Thigh (Left or Right side)

Your brand must be applied to the exact part of the animal specified on your registration certificate. This is because when the characters are applied to a different position on the animal, they become a completely different brand, which may be owned by someone else.