Settlement Holds

Settlement holds occur when a Livestock Inspector is unable to verify ownership of the livestock, unable to determine who is entitled to be in possession of the livestock, or is unable to determine who is entitled to the sale proceeds.  Holds may be issued when the owner of a brand is deceased and the manifest is not made out to the estate. 

Holds can be resolved by contacting the brand office who issued the hold and fulfilling one of the requirements below:

  • Providing a bill of sale for the livestock.
  • Providing a brand clearance from a Feeders Association.
  • Providing other documentation proving ownership of the livestock (registration papers, brand release etc.).

If the hold involves legal issues, multiple claimants or hasn't been cleared in 30 days then it is transferred to the LIS Head Office. If the hold is not resolved within 2 years of the sale of the livestock, then the sale proceeds will be directed to the Tribunal and deposited into the Livestock Assurance Fund.