Lifetime Horse Permits

A Lifetime Horse Permit is one of three types of permits that can be issued with respect to a horse.   

Lifetime Horse Permits allow horses to be transported out of Alberta for the lifetime of the horse, or until there is a change of ownership. Any further inspections will not be required on the horse, unless they are going for sale or slaughter, in which case they have to be accompanied with a Livestock Manifest if transported for sale or slaughter in Alberta or with a Livestock Permit if transported for sale outside of Alberta.

A Lifetime Horse Permit does not authorize the horse to return to Alberta if the out-of-province destination requires the horse to be inspected and a permit issued for livestock to leave that jurisdiction.  


To obtain a Lifetime Horse Permit contact your local LIS Field Office and speak with a Livestock Inspector. To issue a Lifetime Horse Permit, the horse must be inspected, an Application Form completed which requires 3 photos of the horse (left and right sides and the front head view).  The horse is to be transported to a staffed inspection site or other convenient (and cost effective) location agreed to by the Livestock Inspector for the inspection.


Lifetime Horse Permits cost $30.00 + GST. All Lifetime Horse Permit inspections are “cash” inspections and the Lifetime Horse Permit Application form is the permit holder’s receipt for the inspection fee. LIS does not invoice producers for inspections for Lifetime Horse Permits.

Replacement Lifetime Horse Permits

If a Lifetime Horse Permit is lost or destroyed the owner can apply to the Livestock Inspector or the LIS Head Office for a replacement Lifetime Horse Permit.  The owner must complete the “Declaration to Obtain Replacement Lifetime Horse Permit” and pay a replacement fee of $21.00 (GST included). This form is available from the LIS Head Office.