Missing or Stolen Livestock

As a service to livestock owners, LIS maintains a database of missing and stolen cattle and horses. LIS Livestock Inspectors are available as needed to work with the RCMP Livestock Investigators and members of the RCMP to recover missing or stolen cattle and horses.  

Missing and stolen cattle or horses are reported by contacting your local LIS Field Office and completing a Missing and Stolen Form.  With these reports, Livestock Inspectors are able to keep a look out for the missing cattle or horses when conducting their inspections, as well as work with the RCMP to recover the missing or stolen livestock when requested. When missing livestock are found or stolen livestock are recovered it is important that the producer let LIS know so that the database can be updated show that the livestock in question have been found or recovered.

The missing and stolen cattle and horse reports are not to be use to be used to report trespassing livestock under the Stray Animals Act. Trespassing livestock are not “missing” – they have been found where they do not belong.  All livestock found trespassing will be dealt with under the Stray Animals Act.

If you need to report trespassing livestock, then please see the Stray Animals page on the website.

CBC's Farm Crime: Cattle Cops

If you would like to know more about Cattle crime in Alberta, check out this short 15 minute CBC documentary here: https://gem.cbc.ca/media/farm-crime/season-1/episode-1/38e815a-00eea5b7e28