Part Time Livestock Inspector - Brooks


Part Time Livestock Inspector




The ‘Livestock Inspector’ is responsible for the regulatory requirement of inspection, animal movement tracking and stray animal management of livestock in the Province of Alberta.

In carrying out an inspection the Inspector will examine the brands and other identifiers on the livestock and any livestock manifests, livestock permits, horse permits, pedigree cattle permits, bills of sale and any other information or documentation that is reasonably available to determine the right to possession by the person presenting the livestock for inspection. The Inspector will be required to accurately count the livestock, and where there is a question in regards to the right to possession, the Inspector will be required to withhold the proceeds or prohibit the sale of the livestock in question. Inspectors will also be required to impound, identify and document stray livestock and arrange for the board and maintenance of strays prior to their return or sale. The Inspector will also provide assistance with the settlement of claims arising out of damages caused by stray livestock. Inspectors will assist the RCMP Livestock Investigators with suspected cases of livestock theft, illegal branding and/or unlawful confinement of livestock. Where unlawful acts result in a court action, the Inspector may be required to testify as an expert witness. Inspectors will also be asked to at times assist with the following legislation: Feeder Association Guarantee Act, Line Fence Act, Animal Keepers Act, Health of Animals Act and Animal Welfare Act.


Work rotation through auction markets, assembly stations, feedlots and provincial and federal abattoirs (designated inspection sites) is required. Work-weeks are flexible and may include weekends as part of a defined work-week. Work-days are flexible and may require overtime hours on occasion. A minimum high school diploma is required and an industry related post high school designation is preferred. Experience with inspection site operations is considered an asset and livestock handling skills are a requirement. Inspectors must have a working knowledge of computers and have satisfactory typing skills. Inspectors must be bondable (no criminal record) and have a current first aid certification. Inspectors will be expected to achieve a Level 1 Livestock Inspector training certification within the first year of employment with Livestock Identification Services Ltd. The position requires frequent contact with livestock producers of Alberta, and as such, the Inspector must be a proficient communicator and have demonstrated conflict management skills.

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